Viia signals her arrival with dark pop anthem ‘Falling’


Fearless 17-year-old rocker Viia has released her debut single titled ‘Falling’ and it needs your ears.

Viia – Falling

Diamonds aren’t a real girl’s best friend, ‘Falling’ is. Viia’s debut single is a dark-pop anthem that truly embodies the feeling of empowerment and independence.

In the first second of the single starting, a voice message is heard and a man utters the words that encompass pure rejection. Just as this message ends, Viia’s power-house vocals commence, the tone in her voice is not one of sadness, but one of exasperation. This truly sets the tone for the following minutes of the song.

Viia, along with writers Paul Whalley, Willie Scott and Bandit, have managed to perfectly capture the pure indignation that one can often feel when you receive rejection. This is not a song about feeling sorry for yourself, ‘Falling’ is the song you need to listen to if you want to feel like the ultimate badass. Despite Viia being newer to the scene, the release graces a deep air of deep professionalism.

The future for Viia appears bright and she certainly already looks like a rockstar.

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Words Sophie Bourgeois