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Major Ouf Wonder Whether It’s Too Good On ‘Godsend’ 

Major Ouf - Godsend on the Right Chord Music Blog

Described as many things, including a ‘band voluntarily descending into madness’ and ‘the sound of an existential crisis, unfolding externally’, Major Ouf is anything but an ordinary band. Their eccentricities grant them a peculiar style you won’t find very often, but that is definitely present in their second single, Godsend.

Major Ouf – Godsend

Comprised of five Norwegian ex-music students, Major Ouf is here to accomplish their goals of crafting quality pop music and putting a smile on their audience, always with their characteristic sense of humour.

After releasing their debut track, 2close4comfort, the band wanted to take a slightly different approach for their sophomore single. Here is when Godsend comes into play, a tune that forced them to get out of their comfort zone while also allowing them to expand their skill set in favour of a new and rich aural route.

Production-wise, this song has a special appeal. In an almost hypnotic way, lead singer Marie’s vocals are sweet and warm, evoking a dream-like vibe, perfectly matching the thick and colourful textures within this composition. All these elements combined create an atmosphere that we could only describe as adorably trippy, just like the artwork of this piece.

As far as the lyrics go, Godsend talks about making a connection so strong and meaningful with someone that you start wondering if you’re worth it or if this seemingly perfect relationship is even real. This theme complements the hallucinating instrumentation incredibly well.

Godsend is an exquisite pop track, dazzlingly surreal and enjoyable.

From their presentation to the outstanding amount of effort put into their sound, Major Ouf knows how to catch one’s attention, and with an upcoming EP in the near future, you can expect more quality tracks like this one sooner than later.

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