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Breakfast Cat Soar On Electro-Pop ‘Priestess’

Breakfast Cat Priestess on Right Chord Music

Discover Breakfast Cat’s eclectic, electro-pop.

Breakfast Cat – Priestess

‘It’s all in your head’, sings one of the main hooks of ‘Priestess’ by Breakfast Cat. Depending on your point of view, this might be deeply disturbing or incredibly comforting. Those listeners looking for uncomplicated tracks should turn away now – but those ready for the land of the abstract, funky and genre-blending, carry on. 

Breakfast Cat is primarily the project of songwriter and instrumentalist Carl Edwards. With years of experience in other bands, Breakfast Cat is the project where he takes the lead, writing songs and collaborating with guest musicians from a variety of genres. This latest release is the lead track from their forthcoming EP ‘Memory Foam’.

‘Priestess’ is a stomping electro-pop jam, with a heavy 80s influence and a vaguely psychedelic tone.

The abstract lyrics seem to describe a world full of danger – ‘like the big bad wolf you open your mouth’ – yet one with limitless potential as well, with the refrain encouraging someone to ‘open your eyes, open your mind’. The melodies are creative, and delivered in distorted yet gutsy vocals. The songwriting also takes some unexpected deviations from the classic pop structure. 

The production begins with smooth, Wurlitzer-style keys and a sharp hi-hat, before opening out with a funky bass and big, stomping beats. The synth hooks show a firm 80s influence, yet there are also hints of funk, neo-soul and pop in there. It’s an eclectic and sometimes disturbing mix, but never boring. If you’re a fan of 80s-homaging acts like La Roux and The Weeknd but looking for something a bit more challenging, this should be right up your alley. 

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Words Eden Tredwell