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Mr. Thank You And The Mysterious ‘Project Graham’ 

Mr. Thank You Project Graham on Right Chord Music

Formed in 2020, Mr. Thank You is a band from Manchester with a knack for the unique and obscure, looking to craft sounds that surpass expectations and blurs genre boundaries.

Mr. Thank You – Project Graham

After two years of cutting their teeth and defining the musical direction they wanted to take, Mr. Thank You saw the day of light in January 2022, ready to burst into the independent scene of their native Manchester.

Since then, this uncanny four-piece has been delighting audiences, playing shows across the North West, followed by the release of their debut single, Disco Macabre, a fascinating mixture of sounds that confirms the undefined style of this group.

And if you thought that tune was unusual, wait until you hear their new single, Project Graham. With guitar passages that feel like something straight out of a science fiction flick plus eerie vocals, this tune establishes an otherworldly atmosphere from the beginning. However, halfway through, it escalates into a heavier sound where the frenzied vocal work, savage riffage, and crushing drums take over.

Afterwards, these lads surprise once more, putting a halt to the chaos and conveying a heavenly soundscape thanks to the soothing keyboard. At the very end, the tune comes full circle, ending just how it started, leaving you wondering what you just heard (in the best way possible of course).

Even stranger than the piece itself is what inspired it, coming from a sculpture of the same name, which, in the group’s own words: “depicts what the human body might look like if it had evolved to withstand the impact of a car crash. The song is sung from Graham’s perspective, and he considers himself to be a strong, superior being”.

Project Graham is a mesmerizing work, weird, over-the-top, and peculiarly engaging.

Whether you’re a post-punk and art-rock fan or want to listen to something more unorthodox, Mr. Thank You has you covered. In terms of musicianship, production, and performance, this band has a little bit of everything to turn you into a new follower.

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Words Javier Rodriguez