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Inland Murmur Catch ‘Glimpses Through Trees’

Inland Murmur Glimpses Through Trees on Right Chord Music

Inland Murmur’s shimmering new track ‘Glimpses Through Trees’ carries a wistful memory and attaches itself to positive wishes for tomorrow.

Inland Murmur – ‘Glimpses Through Trees’

Cardiff, Wales-based indie band Inland Murmur continue to find the balance between the fondness of memory and a forward-looking lens on their latest single. The lineup of Hannah Collis (bass/vocals), Max Gorynski (drums), Alan McKechnie (guitar), and Toby Llewellyn (guitar/vocals) have been painting a series of aesthetically pleasing paintings with each of their previous singles, ‘Icarus’, ‘Waterline’, and ‘Freshwater.’ This trend continues on ‘Glimpses Through Trees.’

Vocally, Hannah Collis can be likened to My Bloody Valentine’s Bilinda Butcher. And also like the great MBV, Inland Murmur do much of their communicating with the listener through the unpredictable sound of the guitars. Collis’s vocals interplay with those guitar sounds nicely and create the kind of sense of nostalgic longing that has come to define a certain style of indie music. But rather than sound like a cliché, Inland Murmur sound like they’re interested in moving that sound forward.

While bands like New Zealand’s The Beths infuse their brand of indie with a biting wit and sardonic sense of humour, Inland Murmur considers the current political and social moment in different ways. There’s a sense throughout ‘Glimpses Through Trees’ that the band knows things aren’t alright. “When you call//I don’t know what it means to me,” can be taken in a number of ways, all of which can point you in a wonderous state of mind. Surely, though, it’s the sound of the past begging its way into the present, and Collis’s unease with this.

Choosing to record the single in Pembrokeshire gives it a natural significance as well. With its beautiful coastlines and deep history, it’s the perfect locale for the kind of lyrics contending with the inevitability of change and the grasping hands of something that’s been before. It’s no secret the political realities of things like climate change have created both a sense of urgency as well as a sense of holding onto a fondness for natural beauty among people. This is the kind of song that taps directly into that dual feeling and becomes instantly relatable to the listener.

“Vocally, Hannah Collis can be likened to My Bloody Valentine’s Bilinda Butcher”

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Words Brock Wells