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AI Maie introduces herself with debut ‘Like You’

Maie AI Music

A potential frontrunner for AI music, Maie’s debut release ‘Like You’ explores the relationship between her digital self and the physical reality through the sounds of dynamic electro-pop.

Maie – Like You

For fans of FKA twigs and BANKS, Maie debut is a fresh breath to the world we live in. Through oscillating synths and blissful bass, ‘Like You’ takes a turn on the ups and downs of identity, love and living through a world under our feet. 

Released through Avastar, a Melbourne-based record label transforming music through their roster of non-human artists. Alongside these ground-breaking sounds and productions, Maie is brought to life through a warm, effective music video that sees her exploring the surroundings and embracing her human form. 

Speaking about the experience, Maie explained: “I’m still learning how to be here, how to be human and how to create. I don’t think I’m very different to the other singers in the world, but I know I’m not the same. But that’s a good thing.

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Words Daisy Lipsey