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MACY Returns With The Disco Funk Of ‘Swear Down’

MACY Swear Down

Funky bubblegum pop meets disco on MACY’S new single ‘Swear Down’.

MACY – Swear Down

Anyone paying attention can spot a soft disco-funk trend in current pop music. From the smooth sounds of Doja Cat’s ‘Say So’ to the more direct references of Lizzo’s ‘About Damn Time’, sounds of the seventies have been sneaking into our music, mixing up with the other ingredients and creating something delicious. And here’s another to add to your list, with some video-game essence thrown in as well – ‘Swear Down’ by Macy. 

Macy is a pop singer-songwriter hailing from the UK town of Abertillery. She’s no newcomer on the scene, starting from a young age and featuring in events such as The Open Mic UK competition and receiving national airplay. Her latest collaborations include producer Ollie Marland.

‘Swear Down’ is an infectious heart-eyes love song , combining bubblegum pop, 8-bit sounds and a funky groove.

‘I don’t wanna freak you out but it’s all I can think about’, sings Macy with warm, sweet vocals, sounding like she’s having a whale of a time. The playground ‘la la la la’ hook is sing-song catchy, combined with the easy ride of the melody and the giggly infatuation of the lyrics – ‘Swear down, nothing feels so good as when we’re staying out’. 

The production is anchored by a funky groove, evoking the aforementioned Doja Cat and Lizzo, but there’s an unexpected sound at every turn – a swooping synth, an 8-bit bleep, a fairytale sparkle, a jumping keyboard, all in a constant call and response between each other, a musical game of ping-pong bouncing through the song. The whole track is tons of fun, and a bold release for Macy, who is set to have a busy 2023 if her previous array of singles is anything to go by. 

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Words Eden Tredwell