LOCKS Delight With The Dark Tinged Folk Of NOLA

LOCKS are an alt-gothic folk outfit hailing from London. Blending catchy hooks and melodies with macabre atmospheres and storytelling, the band’s grotesque-laden rumbling is as distinctive as it is engaging.  


Comprised of L. Geary-Griffin (lead vocals/guitar), Mike Byrne (double bass), Marian McClenaghan (fiddle) and Andy Marvell (drums), LOCKS have seemingly emerged from the city’s dark, scuzzy underbelly to take their rightful place among the top acts in the independent music scene. After unfortunately having their activities interrupted during the pandemic, the band is now back in full force with the recently released single ‘NOLA’. 

Southern Gothic is a literary genre that contrasts the bucolic setting of the United States deep south with its harsh underlying contradictions, with the occasional addition of supernatural or morbid elements. This style is also applied to music, with artists incorporating these dark themes into blues, folk and country arrangements. The result is often exceptional, which is the case with ‘NOLA’ (short for New Orleans, Louisiana). A lugubrious, occult-tinged yet catchy number, NOLA is propelled forward by a walloping drum beat, which serves as the perfect platform for Geary-Griffin’s hauntingly melodic vocals and McClenaghan’s phantasmagoric fiddle bursts. A ghost story of sorts set in a newly bought house, the song is also accompanied by an ominous music video that enhances its mysterious atmosphere and adds greatly to the listening experience.  

Equal parts catchy songwriting and enigmatic ambience, NOLA is an exceptionally executed piece of gothic folk. 

‘NOLA’ is the first single released from LOCK’s upcoming EP Tall Tales, which should set the tone and style for the band’s sound in the coming years. So, stay tuned for more great material from their end. For now, listening to the band’s previous work is also a great choice, with the full-length Skeletal Blues (2018) and its high-quality dark folk being particularly a fine representation of the band’s capabilities. 

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Words Fidel Beserra