Dog Days is the next episode of Tom Hannay’s unique story. In collaboration with Janus Rasmussen and Sakaris Joensen, this record is a recollection of experiences during the five-month span that took Tom to write this album, touching on themes of love and loss.

Tom Hannay – Dog Days

Bolton-born Tom Hannay is an artist with a chameleonic sound, determined not to compromise himself with any genre, his new offering differs sonically speaking from his 2019 instalment, The Fire Waits, having an opposite approach, as he further elaborates:

“My second album ‘Dog Days’ is an almost complete rejection of the ideals which had inspired the first album.

Hubris and self-aggrandisement had soaked through to the core of ‘the fire waits’ and the main takeaway lesson I learned is that I had been a fool for taking so long and myself so seriously”.

Guaranteeing to brighten up your day with its catchy hooks and cheerful production, opener Blunt Force is a fantastic way to start this compilation due to its mind-boggling instrumentation, taking full advantage of Tom’s expertise by introducing different elements that make this track more than just another groovy song, like the charming synths which on their own are worth praising, overall this song makes the best out of its solid six-minute duration.

Continuing with the good vibes, The Less I Know can only be described as the most “groovylicious” tune on this record, having Tom giving a brilliant delivery with his characteristic smooth vocals.

Coming Up is another remarkable chapter where the delightful instrumentation steals the show once more, introducing riveting synths topped only by the masterful guitar work.

Contrasting significantly with the previous track, Coming Down takes a slower approach in favour of a more dreamy and shiver-inducing piece.

Fade Out Of View is a nice midpoint in this work, with a more laid-back sound and its lyrics about Tom losing grip on reality during a transitional period of his life.

Copasetic Joe and Standing In The Rain keep things on the chill spectrum, the latter evoking strong Lofi vibes.

During a surprising moment in this LP, Dancing In The Spotlight leaves aside the colourful musicianship for just some relaxing and upbeat acoustic guitar strums and a nice bass, offering one of the most romantic melodies in this work.

The self-titled and final instalment of this album, Dog Days, is like a resumed version of this entire compilation, blending jaw-dropping guitar work with the aural swag presented before.

“Dog Days is a satisfyingly sincere LP, thriving lyrically and instrumentally.”

Dog Days is a triumph from a professional level. Tom Hannay and company have crafted an impressive record that takes advantage of Tom’s skills as a performer and as a songwriter, making him a shape-shifting musician capable of adapting to a wide variety of styles, needless to say, he has a bright future ahead.

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Words Javier Rodriguez