Lorne Vincent – Sweet Love Departed

Influenced by artists such as James Blake, Boo Seeka, and Flume, Lorne Vincent’s latest song, Sweet Love Departed is a stirring blend of bold electric sounds, with beautiful vocals, and dynamic layers.

Lorne Vincent – Sweet Love Departed

The perth-based, alt-pop artist’s track is buoyant with emotion, and its lyrics pull at your heartstrings as they explore the themes of loss and loneliness. The lack of specificity within the lyrics contributes further towards the powerful and impassioned mood of the song. Lorne Vincent explains that he encourages the listener to attach their own personal meaning to the words: “I started to write this song about loss –I won’t elaborate much because I like the concept of people listening to the lyrics and making their own meaning and I don’t like influencing that. Everyone has lost something, someone, some time, whether it’s a mate, partner, a job or an iPhone”.

Sweet Love Departed was produced by Nathan Gaunt, the legendary (also Perth-based) singer/songwriter and producer. Lorne claims that their collaboration made the song what it is now. Lorne has said that Gaunt squeezed him to put every emotion into every single word that he sang, and pushed him to cull the use of instruments from the intro of the track, in order to have sole focus on Lorne’s brilliant voice. The end product is spectacular. Sweet Love Departed is a completely dazzling track.

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Words Rachel Makinson