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David OFMG Shares The Dreamy ‘For What It’s Worth’ EP

david ofmg for what it's worth on Right Chord Music

david ofmg’s ‘for what it’s worth’ EP takes listeners on an immersive indie rock/pop ride, showcasing his talent and solid songwriting skills. 

david ofmg – for what it’s worth EP

david ofmg, a self-taught musician from Ireland, began his musical journey playing with original bands in local pubs. Specializing in guitar and piano, he later became a sought-after session man in Dublin. After seven years in the industry, David found his voice as a songwriter, crafting a genre-blending sound that fuses dream pop, shoegaze, emo, and alternative rock. Influenced by artists including Devin Townsend, Bon Iver, James Blake, Joe Jackson, Brian Eno and Frank Ocean his music is characterized by an ambient yet catchy nature and a strong emotional appeal.

The collection opens with ‘to get where we are’, immediately setting the stage with its evocative indie rock vibes. The song’s gradual progression from a quieter start to a more effusive display of hazy guitars and dreamy textures is nothing short of compelling. 

“for what it’s worth is an immersive indie pop/rock offering, brimming with both nuance and catchiness.” 

Moving on to ‘it all remains the same again’, david effortlessly shifts gears, presenting a dancing pop number that features an enveloping vocal display, with the vibrant arrangement creating a positive mood and atmosphere. 

‘somewhere’, on the other hand, unveils a more laidback and gentle side, enveloping the listener in a warm embrace of bedroom pop aesthetics. The quieter vocal performance and skilfully incorporated guitar licks add another nice touch of subtlety to the proceedings. 

On “City,” david focuses more on electronic elements, resulting in a dynamic, engaging tune. The song’s driving rhythms and well-placed synth bursts infuse an infectious energy that is sure to make an immediate impact.

The EP concludes on a high note with ‘note to myself’, another dreamy, evocative piece, and ‘secret club’, which builds slowly before crashing amidst an avalanche of fuzzy guitars.  

Overall, ‘for what it’s worth’ showcases David ofmg’s prowess as both a strong performer and songwriter. The album’s blend of indie rock and pop sensibilities, along with the occasional touch of electronica, should speak to every fan of DIY rock/pop.

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Words Fidel Beserra