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London singer songwriter Sassy longs for closeness on new single ‘Take Away Yesterday’

Sassy Take Away Yesterday

Today we bring you new music from London based singer, songwriter Sassy. Take Away Yesterday is her fourth single, with plans for a debut EP around the corner.

Sassy – Take Away yesterday

When ‘Take Away Yesterday’ begins with twanging piano chords, a simple drum kick, and a soulful ‘Hold me closer…’, you might be forgiven for thinking you’re in some earlier, more classic era. This song is best enjoyed with headphones on, walking through the streets, pretending you’re in the triumphant finale of your own movie. Perhaps you finally left him! Perhaps you took that job in New York! You walk into the sunset, quietly empowered.

The song comes from London indie-pop artist Sassy, emerging on the scene with her unique style. ‘Take Away Yesterday’ details a longing for closeness, a desire to erase all of the past’s pains and escape into an all-consuming romance – it seems particularly relevant in today’s climate. The titular chorus refrain is a simple yet longing melody.

There is a slightly retro feel to this track. It would be hard to put your finger on which era exactly – 60s? 90s? – but something about the brass section, and the extended chords, may remind you of Beatles-style songwriting, or Burt Bacharach grandiosity. Yet the lyrics are modern, in the female singer-songwriter tradition of Taylor Swift and Orla Gartland. I particularly enjoyed Sassy’s confident vocals, with hints of jazz influences and shimmering backing vocals. With the subtle guitar licks filling out the background, it all adds up to a simple yet evocative arrangement. I see a lot of influences, and a lot to enjoy here, and hopefully this is a musical identity that Sassy can strengthen and grow.

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Words Eden Tredwell