RCM favourite Harry Heart returns and this time he is turning up the ‘Heat’

Harry Heart – Heat

The new single ‘Heat’ from British-Australian artist Harry Heart reminds me of lazy summer barbecue days, that fade into warm violet nights, as you lock eyes with that person you’ve been fancying for months, and think, Tonight might just be the night. In reality of course, it’s lockdown and no one except the terminally monogamous has known the touch of another for months. But a girl can dream, and this song provides some nice escapism.

After some singles, an EP, and some promising radio attention, Harry Heart’s latest offering touches on tension, loyalty and protectiveness, with a strong influence from The Weeknd – the ‘spirit animal’ of this song, Heart says. The pulsing bass, smooth guitar licks and heartbeat drums set up a dreamy groove, full of sensual anticipation. Heart’s vocals alternate from breathy to aching in a highly listenable manner. Overall, the record shows a polished musicality that many early-stage artists have yet to achieve. With a little more lyrical development and sonic distinctiveness, Heart could really be one to watch out for.

Heat is out now on Harry Heart’s independent label Kinda Grizzly.

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Words Eden Tredwell