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Lisa Mechelina Is Stepping ‘Out Of The Woods’

Lisa Mechelina Out of the Woods

Discover Lisa Mechelina ‘Out Of The Woods’ is classic meets lo-fi on a moody ballad.

Lisa Mechelina – Out Of The Woods

‘Does somebody know how not to be so vulnerable’, sings Lisa Mechelina on ‘Out Of The Woods’. It’s a line that hits hard in its desperation and weariness. This is a song for anyone who has ever felt stuck in an emotional whirlpool, unsure whether to try and move, or just stay and let the current take you. Or as the kids say, being in your feelings. 

Lisa Mechelina is a Dutch singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. Having a difficult relationship with songwriting, she has recently begun to release again after her debut EP released in 2021.

‘Out Of The Woods’ is a moody, mid-tempo electro ballad which captures the essence of emotional insecurities in a strange, dreamlike way.

‘Got my eyes closed, see how it goes’ sings Mechelina with her stream-of-consciousness lyrics. You feel a sense of quiet, invisible despair as she sighs ‘Got nothing to prove so I’ll say less…maybe one day I will care less’. Mechelina’s vocals are incredibly assured, displaying range yet always restrained, never giving too much. There are also hints of jazz influence in her vibrato, and in the graceful melodies. 

The production centres around a flowing synth arpeggio line, bringing to mind soundtracks of nostalgic cinematic TV series like Stranger Things, and giving the track an unsettling tension throughout. The more chill half-time ambient beats give it a lo-fi edge, but there’s still something more classic about the track – perhaps it’s the use of strings, or the old-school chromatic harmonies. Whatever it is, the track lands somewhere between modern Netflix and retro James Bond, but the whole effect works.

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