Ophelia Ray Debuts ‘Unnatural Loving’ On Valentines Day

Ophelia Ray is a fresh face in the scene of 80s-inspired rock, debuting her first solo project ‘Unnatural Loving’ this Valentine’s. If you’re a fan of Stevie Nicks, Siouxie & The Banshees and the enchanting voice of Kate Bush, this is a song you’ll want to check out. 

Ophelia Ray – ‘Unnatural Loving’

Nostalgically retro, this female rock anthem put’s a fresh twist on the rock that took the 80s by storm. Whilst possessing a self-professed love and reverence for the retro Queens of Rock, Ophelia Ray’s interest in mythology, mysticism and Gaelic folklore presents itself as an inviting undercurrent in her sultry rock’n’roll sound. If Ophelia’s aim for this release was to honour the world of classic rock’n’roll with contemporary originality, she’s hit the mark. 

Fantastically femme-fatale, ‘Unnatural Loving’ concerns the topics of unrequited love, romantic betrayal and feminine empowerment. Distinctly metaphorical yet autobiographical, her lyrical prowess and unusual melodic phrasing are undeniable assets that set Ophelia apart from the competition with this track. But her creativity doesn’t stop there; on top of her passion for writing music, Ophelia is also a professional fashion model, designer and illustration artist within her romantically gothic aesthetic. This comes across well in her ‘Unnatural Loving’ music video, a moody and atmospheric complement to her sound.

It seems that compliments aren’t hard to come by with this artist, with BBC Radio calling Ophelia’s voice a unique and powerful tone with similarities to legends like Stevie Nicks and Patti Smith. Camden Live weren’t shy with the commandments either, declaring that ‘Ophelia Ray sings with vigour and gravitas… with the lyrical tenacity of Alanis Morissette. This is sophisticated stuff.’ And if that’s not high enough praise, Pizza Express Live pronounced Ray to be ‘Phenomenally talented, she is something special indeed’. Take a look for yourself:

“Stunningly powerful, ethereal and moody, Ophelia Ray is a strong new presence in the femme-fatale rock scene. Nostalgia with a modern edge paired with evocative vocal prowess, what’s not to love?” RCM

So, what’s next in store? In 2023 you can expect to see Ophelia Ray performing live across London with a full band, culminating at an end-of-year album release. Keep your ears piqued and your eyes peeled!

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Words Lauren Diffey