Lazy Guns Won’t Be Held Back ‘In My Shadow’

Lazy Guns say move, you’re ‘In My Shadow’. Big stomping rock with that early 2000s twist, what’s not to like!

Lazy Guns – In My Shadow

‘In My Shadow’ opens with a brief, buzzing, dial-tone-esque sound. (At least one member of this band is old enough to remember what dial tones sound like. I think.) Perhaps it’s symbolic – they’re metaphorically hanging up the phone on the people who tried to hold them back. Despite its darker title, ‘In My Shadow’ is actually a song of empowerment. 

Lazy Guns are a four-piece hailing from Queensland’s Sunshine Coast, and it’s a family affair in more ways than one – not only are the band members related, but this particular song was also written by frontman Jack and his older sister, Paris Smith.

‘In My Shadow’ is a bold rock tune with tons of classic influence, and confidence bordering on the cocky, boldly declaring that any haters and detractors will be left…well, ‘in my shadow’.

There’s a slightly malevolent, supervillain glee to the lyrics – ‘I’m looking right over your shoulder’ – almost as if the narrator is vowing to haunt their enemies with their success forever. The chorus runs ‘I know I’m always better, can’t pull yourself together, that’s why you’re in my shadow’. It’s arrogant but fun, and backed up by swaggering lead vocals and walls of backing harmonies. The melodies are simple yet instantly catchy too. 

The solid production will please anyone who listened to Lazy Guns’ last single, which also appeared on this site, with its confidently tumbling guitar riffs and stomp-along drums. Guitars are a feature here, almost acting as another lead singer, call-and-responding to the melody. There are influences from many eras of rock, but most strongly the pop-punk early 2000s era. This is another solid track from Lazy Guns to rock out to. 

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Words Eden Tredwell