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Layla Bina Strikes Back With ‘Hypomania (I’m Awake)’

Layla Bina Hypomania (I'm Awake) RCM Blog

Punk rock enthusiast and advocate for mental health, Layla Bina releases rage on her new track ‘Hypomania’. The South California-born singer-songwriter’s single is a deeply personal and captivating track.

Layla Bina – Hypomania (I’m Awake)

Through heavy riffs and unrestrained anger, ‘Hypomania’ represents the bright future and the next generation of punk rock music. Layla Bina’s vocals are equally high-powered and dramatic as they are charming. Ranging between a softer sound to a more eccentric sound, Layla Bina keeps listeners on their toes. 

Unpredictability regarding this track is what makes it such a repeatable listen. The direction of ‘Hypomania’ is everchanging and interesting. The verses are packed with frustration, only to wind down for its catchy chorus. With Layla Bina’s background as a classically trained singer of Persian descent, her vocals are refreshing and individual within the punk scene. There is a beauty behind the anger of this track – ‘Hypomania’ is layered with distinct harmonies vocal shifts. 

As a fan of The Clash and Nirvana, much of Layla Bina’s sound is influenced by heavy-hitting rock and grunge too. Her use of adlibs integrated within the track fuel its sense of self-assurance. With multi-instrumentalist talent, Layla Bina’s knowledge of music goes further than having a strong voice. A passion for rock music resulted in a self-taught skill for both guitar and bass.

‘Hypomania (I’m Awake)’ is an honest and memorable off-centre track. Layla’s energy is infectious. This track’s danceability leaves us in anticipation of her debut album – due for release this summer.

“Layla Bina is a powerhouse and ‘Hypomania’ is a thrilling listen”

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Words Zuzu Lacey