Cassie Fireman’s Smooth Style Might ‘Feel Like Gold’

Cassie Fireman’s sultry pop-soul jam ‘Feel Like Gold.’

Cassie Fireman  ‘Feel Like Gold’ 

You are gold! Always believe in your soul! Or so some wise, large-haired man once said. Gold, silver, diamonds and all the gems in the jewellers have long featured in songwriting as objects of desire. But what does it mean to feel like gold? Cassie Fireman takes this angle on to explore those feelings of love and desire that are as precious and rare as…well, you get the idea. 

Cassie Fireman is a singer-songwriter who has found herself in New York City, Maine and lately Costa Rica. She’s not just a geographical wanderer – her musical history has seen her in the rock band The Panty Droppers and indie band Dirty Mae. However, she enters new territory with her first-ever solo album, ‘Time To Go’ due for release this year, from which the single ‘Feel Like Gold’ has been chosen.

‘Feel Like Gold’ is a sultry, laid-back pop jam with RnB and soul influences, telling a classic tale of addicted love.

The familiar lyrics describe a lover who is mysterious and somewhat unattainable, ‘so damn hard to read’, sending our narrator ‘low low low’, yet she admits ‘you make me feel like myself’. The titular hook ‘I feel like gold when I’m in your arms’ is a nice detail, and it’s all delivered with solid melodies and Fireman’s assured vocals. 

The production centres around a sensual guitar line, backed up by a moody bass and steady RnB-influenced beats. 2000s artists such as Kelly Rowland and Usher come to mind – this track isn’t afraid to be a jam, and it’s very easy to listen to. There’s also an accompanying evocative music video, complete with dripping gold bodypaint. Let’s hope that brings a happier ending than it did in ‘Goldfinger’. 

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Words Eden Tredwell