Nick Batterham uses Polaroid pictures to capture love story in the new video for Thirty Four

Australian singer-songwriter Nick Batterham uses Polaroid pictures to stunning effect in his video for new single Thirty Four. There is something about the uncertainty of a developing Polaroid image, that works perfectly as a metaphor for love’s twists and turns.

Nick Batterham – Thirty Four

Following the subdued harmonies of ‘No Perfect Man’ and the propelling cacophony of sounds on ‘Turbulence’, ‘Thirty Four’ is the latest single to be taken from Nick Batterham’s forthcoming studio album Lovebirds, and it’s utterly sublime. The audio is enhanced by Thuy Vy’s poignant music video, which uses Polaroid pictures to reveal moments from a love story. It’s hard to recall a music video that slowly engages and charms the viewer in a similar way. The video stars fellow Melbourne musician Nick Milwright from Blackchords and his girlfriend Tiara Swain.

“The video is an extension of a long fascination with photographing my friends. I like that a photograph captures one perspective of a moment in time, yet in polaroid form, remains ephemeral. They take time to appear, then can fade over time. A romantic relationship is a collection of shared moments and experiences, which can be well communicated by photographs. They also capture the fractures within a relationship before either person can see it for themselves.” – Nick Batterham

Nick Batterham and his band will launch Lovebirds (Pre-order link) to a live audience at the Primrose Potter Salon, Melbourne Recital Centre this June. Performing the album in full on grand piano, Batterham will be accompanied by Kelly Day (Broads), Nick Murray, Ben Wiesner and award-winning theatre composer and sound designer Jethro Woodward,

With a voice described by Rolling Stone as “an almost other-worldly instrument of beauty,” and tender balladry infused with dry humour and self-deprecating storytelling, you simply cannot miss it. Get your tickets here.

Best known in Australia for his work with ARIA-nominated Earthmen, Nick Batterham is a master of crafting sparkling, melodic pop songs. Drawing deeply on his recent classical compositions for visual artist Rone, Lovebirds is a lavish feast of orchestral pop that celebrates love’s dizzy highs and heart-wrenching lows, with elegant orchestrations featuring some of Melbourne’s premier classical musicians. The album’s 11 sprawling tracks present a sometimes melancholic journey that leads to hope and healing. It is at times warm and inviting, but also knows how to convey the chill of aloneness.

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