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Krystal Brown’s Debut Album ‘Sugar Free’ Is A Fascinating Listen

Krystal Brown Sugar-Free

Sugar-Free’ is a mix of electronica, originality and versatility

Krystal Brown – Sugar-Free

In September 2021, Krystal Brown released her debut album ‘ Sugar-Free’, filled with astounding melodies that can capture exactly what you’re feeling within seconds. Looking at the opening track (also the title track) ‘Sugar-Free’, it’s clear there is an element of mystery to it as we dive into its riveting instrumental and become infatuated with its strong vocal message about someone who isn’t as sweet as they seem.

The fact that Krystal recorded this whole album in her bedroom becomes unbelievable when you hear ‘Does It Even Count?’ which possesses such brilliant complex production, even more so on it’s Chill remix and Deep House remix that Krystal has treated her fans to. This melody flows nicely into ‘Give It Another Go’, possibly the most versatile tune of ‘Sugar Free’. The song starts with delicate piano notes, spiralling into a heavily electronic guitar sound.

Fast forward a few tracks and we have been introduced to a trance melody entitled ‘They Don’t Know’, where we truly become mesmerised by Krystal’s hypnotic vocals. Not only this, but the song’s electronic elements implement a galactic ambience, causing it to feel very ahead of its time.

Towards the end of the album, we are acquainted with ‘Frankie Boy’ and ‘Freedom’. ‘Frankie Boy’ is that song on the album that you’ll become addicted to, containing refreshing beats and hooking melodies. ‘Freedom’ is that one timeless dance song that you discover on a music channel, soon joining every playlist that you ever make.

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Words Francoise Maurer