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Florent Sivell Won’t Be An ‘Animal In Your Cage’

Florent Sivell Animal In Your Cage

Florent Sivell is not afraid to blend old and new, using his influences and own authenticity in ‘Animal In Your Cage’.

Florent Sivell – Animal In Your Cage

Folk-rock singer-songwriter Florent Sivell has released his single ‘Animal In Your Cage’ ahead of his highly anticipated September 23rd album release ‘BROKEN BOY’. The song has received a lot of love already, including being added to Eric Alper’s indie playlist and being played on multiple radio stations.

Acoustics set the tone of ‘Animal In Your Cage’, soon welcoming silvery vocals. There’s such a natural tone to Sivell’s voice, not to mention the crisp production. Together this creates a soothing sound, something that is not overly complicated but still has distinctive undertones. 

You’ll soon start to notice the mellifluous hook, which still echoes in my head after listening; and I’m not complaining. 80s jangly guitar playing an immensely melodic tune – what more could you want?

As for looking at the meaning of the song, Sivell asks rhetorical questions like ‘Is this some sort of game to you?’ which leads us to the ultimate analogy of being like an ‘animal in a cage’. This suggests feelings of being controlled or trapped even. Such abstraction makes the melody all the more fascinating, due to how Florent takes his feelings and another perspective from his experience whilst incorporating it into figurative phrases.

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Words Francoise Maurer