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Jo-Jo & The Teeth Return With ‘No More Good News’

Jo-Jo & The Teeth

Jo-Jo & The Teeth knows exactly how to capture the attention of their listeners with their great instrumental twists and their excellent vocal technique.

Jo-Jo & The Teeth ‘No More Good News’

Glam art rock quintet Jo-Jo & The Teeth – with members hailing from Canada and The Isle of Wight – have been releasing their music to the world for over two years now. You can always rely on the group to provide impassioned energy with every note they sing and play.

A thundering beat launches ‘My Babe’, the first track, but it’s the powerful vocal performance that brings the song to life. An ever-growing intensity from start to finish. The title track ‘No More Good news’ consists of a more subtle instrumental in the beginning, firmly putting the vocals we’re already intrigued by in the spotlight. The chorus is indisputably catchy, adding this blazing vibrancy to the song.

There’s a moody sense to ‘Moonchild’. A gradual momentum is cleverly crafted, all until a wild melody unleashes and we take a fiery turn instrumentally. ‘Is This The Dream?’ sets the tone with the ultimate question of its title, as well as many other introspective questions like ‘Is this how it feels to let go?’ and ‘Is this the beginning of the end?’ Here we experience some of the best lyricism on the album. Jo-Jo & The Teeth invite us to hear some of their innermost thoughts, but the questions they ask are also broad enough so that we can relate the song to our own experiences.

It seems the vocals really are strong, considering how eloquently they are carried through the quick tempo of ‘Don’t Get Too Heavy’. The stormy mixture of robust guitar and heart-pounding drums just gets better and better.

‘Oh! Brother’ reveals an intimate discussion. The one-sided sibling perspective provides us with a lyrical honesty, and we are left wondering about the reply. And amongst this are stunning guitar strings and a charming melody, perfect for the story being told.

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Written by Françoise Maurer