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The JB Concept ‘Hell On Earth’

The JB Concept Hell On Earth

The music by John Bass aka The JB Concept is an unorthodox melting pot of styles.

The JB Concept – Hell On Earth

On his track Hell On Earth, the musician plays diligently, and it all comes together in unison. Throughout the track, the instrumentals gain pace, the vocals become elevated, and the lyrics tell tales of a world ready to combust.

The strong lyrics are needed here, the words are pivotal. Bass has worked on his lyrical qualities for a long time, it seems, and he’s not shy of telling stories of how this world is declining every day. The track is bashful, and it needs to be, but it isn’t overblown or overly stretched, as it really does dazzle with its unconventionality.

John Bass is adept at playing many instruments and it shows on Hell On Earth. The scope and verve are colossal, pushing the boundaries of what instruments can do. It’s sheer talent that Bass shows here as well as a commitment to the cause. He bleeds musical notes, and painstakingly works on his muse, which is admirable.

The JB Concept is something raw and special. Hell On Earth takes this concept and elevates it, pushing the music forward into moments of splendour. John Bass plays, he works at it; he creates and uses his ability to design songs that do not adhere to rules, but connect to the world and the people. He truly has found his calling.

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Words Mark McConville