After the positive reception to their debut EP German indie rock band Kabinett are back with the cautionary tale of Pablo.

Kabinett – Pablo

Coming from Mannheim, Germany, Kabinett spent the last year and a half building a rock-solid reputation in the independent scene of their native land. In this period, they amassed thousands of streams from songs like Blueberry Lips, Mackie’s Comin’, and Chloe B, increasing their fanbase significantly.

The cherry on top was the release of their long-awaited debut EP, Not About Us, on March 3rd, 2023, reaching another milestone and making some heads turn simultaneously.

And while last year was full of great moments for this outfit, they’re ready to move on and begin phase two of their career. Here is when their newest creation, Pablo, comes into play, an addictive indie rock tune that sees this group taking a different yet equally exciting sonic direction.

This composition tells the story of Pablo, a young boy who keeps going through a downward spiral of bad decisions, surrounding himself with the wrong crowd, and is a couple of steps away from wasting his life. The protagonist tries to save him from making the same mistakes he did, but Pablo is on a one-direction route to disaster.

To illustrate this cautionary tale, Kabinett has crafted the ideal aural representation, with playful synths and quiet cymbal percussion that introduce us to this narration, followed by Josê Sommer’s deep voice. Eventually, the guitar and bass take over, escalating into a smashing alt-rock powerhouse that gives strong Royal Blood vibes.

“Pablo is a creative rock hymn, instrumentally energizing.”

The hype train for this band is not showing any signs of stopping anytime soon. With the release of their next EP, Blackout, on March 1st, 2024, and a tour across Germany in 8 different cities afterwards, this group aims for great things.

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Words Javier Rodriguez