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Grace Angelique Can’t Breathe Without You On ‘Respirar’

Grace Angelique, Respirar on Right Chord Music

Discover Grace Angelique’s smooth Latin-RnB duet.

Grace Angelique – ‘Respirar’

‘In a room full of people, I have zoomed in on you’ opens ‘Respirar’ by Grace Angelique. It’s the beginning of a classic pop song love story, but this one spans a little more time, later jumping forward to the lovers’ potential breaking point, when they need to breathe – or, ‘respirar’. 

Grace Angelique is a singer-songwriter from California who is now based in the UK. Her music has been featured on BBC radio stations, and TikTok users may have spotted her harmony-building videos. This track features fellow artist Jordan LaFaver as the other lover in the narrative.

‘Respirar’ is a sultry, late-night love duet with plenty of Latin and RnB influence.

Angelique’s diary-style lyrics capture the intensity of love at first sight – ‘the whole world’s out of focus…tell me what I wanna hear…’ – followed by the destabilisation when it all goes wrong -‘Fast forward another year, now you’re saying you need space…’. LaFaver gets to have his say in his verse too, admitting ‘I get lost in my feelings and I can’t get out’. The pair’s vocals complement each other perfectly, silky and warm on the effortless-sounding melodies. The chorus is also hypnotic, with Angelique playing off the title by singing in Spanish ‘I can’t breathe without you’.

The production keeps it simple, letting the groove and the melodies have the spotlight. It’s anchored by rhythmic, Latin-influenced guitar patterns and beats that show hints of hip-hop, Latin and RnB genres. Fans of artists Rihanna, Camila Cabello and Daddy Yankee will find something to enjoy here. 

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Words Eden Tredwell