JW Paris Get Self Reflective On ‘Leave It Alone’

JW Paris’ latest release, ‘Leave It Alone’, shines with a distinctive grunge rock influence, delivering a powerful alternative rock experience. 

JW Paris – Leave It Alone

JW Paris, a product of the vibrant U.K. music scene, are a dynamic band fueled by the spirit of 90’s grunge and Britpop. With their magnetic energy and talent, Gemma Clarke, Daniel Collins, and Aaron Forde merge fuzzy guitar assaults, catchy choruses, and relatable lyrics.

The song kicks off with a wall of fuzzy guitars before the vocals come into play and provide the introspective questions: “Take a look at me, am I the person that you want to be? Could I be saved from the version I was yesterday?”, which establish a sense of self-reflection and personal growth, inviting the listener to delve deeper into the song’s message.

“With biting guitar work and an enormous chorus, Leave It Alone is alternative rock at its best.”  

As the song progresses, JW Paris fully unleash their alt-rock credentials, alternating between quieter enveloping verses and the effusive chorus, which boasts an irresistible hook. With the biting, gritty guitars adding a layer of intensity and rawness, the song is far from being lightweight material.

Overall, “Leave It Alone” is a strong composition that will leave a lasting impact on fans of alternative rock and indie. The group has crafted a number that captures the essence of their style, combining well-crafted melodies, imposing guitars, and a memorable chorus into a single, incisive number. ‘Leave It Alone’ also teases the band’s upcoming EP, so make sure to stay tuned for that as well. JW Paris is certainly destined for even greater heights.  

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Words Fidel Beserra