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Adore Send Out A Message On ‘Postcards’

Adore - Postcards on Right Chord Music Blog

Adore are a dynamic indie/garage punk band hailing from Ireland. With ‘Postcards’, their debut single, the three-piece has delivered an infectious sonic punch. Seamlessly blending the rawness of garage punk with elements of pop and alternative, this song is a pure earworm.

Adore – Postcards

From the very beginning, ‘Postcards’ grabs the attention with its grungy, fuzzy guitars that create a burly wall of sound, accompanied by a pulsating bass line that serves as the song’s backbone. The combination of these elements immediately sets the tone for an energetic ride. 

Another standout feature of ‘Postcards’ is the nice interplay between the female and male vocals, which add a nice touch of variety to the proceedings. 

“Bridging the gap between punk and pop, Postcards is a memorable alt-rock number.”

The song’s chorus is particularly infectious, showcasing the group’s ability to infuse pop-flavoured melodies into their garage punk attack. It hooks you instantly, and you can’t just help to sing along.

As ‘Postcards’ progresses, it gradually builds in intensity, setting the stage for a crashing finale just before the three-minute mark. 

In conclusion, ‘Postcards’ by Adore is a standout track that showcases the band’s ability to seamlessly blend garage punk with pop, alternative, and indie influences. It also strikes the perfect balance between a gritty, raw assault and a melodic sensibility, boasting a memorable appeal. 

Make sure to follow this talented Irish outfit. They are certainly one to watch.  

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Words Fidel Beserra