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Get Grungey Under JW Paris’ ‘Electric Candle Light’

JW Paris Electric Candle Light

Perhaps the days of garage bands have returned! A concept so classic that Apple named software after it.

JW Paris – Electric Candle Light

There’s something very pure about a bunch of friends finding whatever space they can – in JW Paris’ case, at one point it was a storage unit – and rocking out on their guitars. JW Paris embody that ‘your older brother’s cool friends’ energy, and with a nicely hooky little track as well.

JW Paris are a London grunge three-piece, heavily inspired by the 90s and Britpop. With three singles already under their belt, and a UK tour booked, they show no signs of slowing down.

‘Electric Candle Light’ is a mid-tempo grunge groove, full of gleeful nostalgia and a touch of poetry.

The lyrics describe a fascination with someone and a longing to be closer – ‘You turn the silence into cigarettes…step into my mind’ – as well as cheeky references to a more analogue time – ‘a copy on a floppy’. The shouty vocals and limited melodies won’t please some more high-minded musos, but they’re simple and effective and bring a classic energy. The track could come straight out of a 90s film soundtrack.

The production and ensemble are tight, with those garage guitars, hooky basslines and stomping drums. There’s even some real analogue synths in there, and some stylish guitar riffs to please a crowd. And with support already received from Radio 1 and SiriusXM, plus a debut album due this summer, I have no doubt JW Paris will go on pleasing crowds and building a strong career path.

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Words Eden Tredwell