Abi Moore Returns After 7 Years With The Powerful ‘Livin’ Underground’

After a 7 year hiatus, alt-folk artist Abi Moore roars back with Livin’ Underground. It’s a powerful statement of intent and self-empowerment.

Abi Moore – Livin’ Underground

Abi Moore is an independent alt-folk / Americana artist from Nottingham. Livin’ Underground marks her return and is her first release in 7 years.

Her stripped back, stomp and holler sound instantly took us to KT Tunstall, while her styling and rootsy, distorted Americana guitar twangs have a delicious White Stripes flavour.

The sounds here are impactful, gritty, and above all, brimming with conviction. The rhythm takes a front seat in this empowering soundscape, with a dominant kick drum serving as the groundwork on which Abi’s strong vocal performance and distorted guitar sit on top.

Abi explains the origins of the song.

“It’s a song about stopping the endless chase, saying no, putting down boundaries, walking away, being proud to do your own thing.”

Authenticity and honesty shine through on this track. This is personal! Livin’ Underground represents the hard lessons she has learned during her break from music. It’s a familiar story… A break up with a partner resulted in her losing her home, and being forced to live out of a suitcase. Thankfully in this case there is a happy ending.

Abi Moore’s beautifully layered voice is what starts off this journey, with the lyrics immediately reflecting the central themes of the song, letting the listener know what they’re in for right off the bat. This kind of structure really elevates the message, working as a framework for the tone that Abi is trying to convey. Her voice needs to be heard, and she makes sure it is.

Livin’ Underground leaves the listener fulfilled, motivated, and ready to take on the world.

Check out the lyric video above.

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Words Mark Knight