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JW Paris Want You To Feel ‘Alive’

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Grunge trio JW Paris, aims to captivate audiences with their latest release ‘Alive.’

JW Paris – Alive

The dynamic ensemble, consisting of Daniel Collins, Gemma Clarke, and Aaron Forde, calls London their home and brings forth a distinctive sound that seamlessly weaves together the defining elements of 90s grunge and Britpop. This fusion not only evokes a sense of nostalgia but also infuses their music with a contemporary edge.

JW Paris already boasts singles like Electric Candle Light, Sober, Favourite Thing, and Royalty, which have enjoyed airtime on BBC Radio 1 (Jack Saunders), BBC 6 Music, Absolute Radio, and Radio X. The culmination of this recognition led to a successful 12-date UK tour and appearances at festivals including Great Escape, FOCUS Wales, and Truck Festival.

Keeping the momentum alive, the band has recently unveiled their latest release ‘Alive’. Amidst a world saturated with artificiality, AI, deep fakes, and social issues, this track beckons the listener to defy societal norms and resist the pressures of conformity. It champions individuality and self-expression in the face of a conformist culture.

Drawing inspiration from the grunge movement of the 90s, Alive is a riveting journey that transports listeners back to that iconic decade. With explosive riffs, frenetic drums, pulsating bass, and the chaotic vocals of Daniel Collins, this wild anthem delivers both instrumentally and lyrically.

“Alive stands as the quintessential rebellious jam – fast, edgy, and straight to the point.”

With this release, JW Paris continues to prove why they are a force to be reckoned with.

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Words Javier Rodriguez