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Lady July Rests ‘Heavy’

Lady July Heavy on the Right Chord Music Blog

Discover Lady July’s assured folk-rock debut ‘Heavy’.

Lady July ‘Heavy’

‘Where has the time gone? I’m feeling old…’ opens ‘Heavy’ by Lady July. It’s a sentiment that many can relate to, regardless of age (personally, 2023 has felt about 3 years long for me) and as the title suggests, the song can get a bit heavy, but it has enough spirit and gusto to carry the day, and save things from becoming a full-on downer. 

Lady July is a singer-songwriter from San Diego, with ‘Heavy’ being her debut single. This is a fresh project, but locals may have already spotted her at various live venues and songwriters’ events.

‘Heavy’ is an evocative folk-rock track expressing weariness, nostalgia and frustration with life that will chime with many listeners.

The well-crafted lyrics act like a stream of consciousness, echoing the worried chorus ‘Every single day, I am shown my age, I am running out of time’. They touch on the past – ‘how did my parents figure it out’ – as well as the existential – ‘are we just ashes floating in space’. This is combined with Lady July’s strong, natural melodies and piercing folk vocals, delivered with assurance. 

The production centres around a folky, jangling, strumming guitar, and solid beats keeping a gently waltzing time. The track takes off when the heavier guitars and bass kick in, along with gutsy backing vocals and harmonies. It’s a polished debut, which fans of folk acts like Sinead O’Connor and Kirsty MacColl may enjoy. But any listener interested in folk, rock, or a strong debut single should check it out. 

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Words Eden Tredwell