JoeJas Will Have You Asking ‘WTF’

Discover JoeJas’ cartoonish hip-hop rap style.

JoeJas – ‘WTF’

Here’s another familiar face to RCM – JoeJas is back with his latest track ‘WTF’. Expect all the hyperactive energy and eclectic production you’ll be used to if you’ve heard his work before – and if not, chug a caffeine-based drink and get on board with it. 

JoeJas is a rapper and producer based in the UK, also known under his alias HairyMuffinMan. His debut album ‘Planet’ showcased his genre-mashing style, taking influences from punk, jazz, hip-hop and RnB. This release marks his first of 2024.

‘WTF’ is a punchy, infectiously groovy genre-blending rap track dedicated to hard work and confidence.

JoeJas’s direct lyrics revel in being ‘my own damn boss’ with his own ‘big goals’, questioning ‘so what’s out of reach’. The imagery gets a bit dark with lines like ‘stay grinding till I blood’ – this is a track that wants to grab you and shake you with its confidence. JoeJas, as always, delivers tons of energy with his delivery, playing with distortion and different voices, while slipping into a more soulful groove in the middle section. 

The production combines irresistible shakers and cowbells with a buzzing bass and synths that wouldn’t be out of place on an arcade shooter game. There’s a nice twist in the middle section, leaning into some more complex harmonies in a more neo-funk-soul style. The music video, also created by JoeJas, sets off the track nicely with bright, almost Saturday-morning cartoon visuals. Fans of the likes of Dizzee Rascal and Anderson Paak should find something to enjoy here. 

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Words Eden Tredwell