Joejas bounces off the wall in ‘Suedeflips’

Regrets. They can haunt us. Whether it’s a lost love from long ago or the fashion choice you made last week, who among us can stand up and say “I wouldn’t change shit”? Well, Joejas can, obviously, as he does so in the chorus of his latest release ‘Suedeflips’. And maybe his infectious energy will persuade you to do the same.

Joejas – Suedeflips

Joejas is a rapper and producer and no newbie at this game; his debut album came out in 2016 and he won the Vans’ Musician Wanted competition in 2020, gaining praise from Anderson .Paak himself.

‘Suedeflips’ is a bouncy, genre-melting rap tune full of almost chaotic positivity.

Joejas’ references run the whole range from meme culture to fried chicken prices, but beneath it lies his core self-belief. He raps “planned this for the longest” and reminds his listeners that they too “got some options.” His big, cartoon-character energy is even more apparent in the music video, showing him jumping between pruned mazes and studios and talking oranges like some kind of rap Bugs Bunny.

The production can feel disorienting – starting with a synth-wind hook, it seems to change genre and flow between every section. With everything from dinner-bell sounds to steel drums, it has the manic glee of a child pressing all the buttons at once on the keyboard, which does become contagious. There’s thought and interest behind it too, with some interesting harmonic choices. Anyone interesting in discovering a larger-than-life character, or fusion rap that’ll challenge your ears, should definitely keep an eye on Joejas.

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Words Eden Tredwell