Charlie Noiir gives us plenty of ‘REASONS’ in new alt Hip Hop offering

‘REASONS’ is the brand new single from Toronto rap aficionado Charlie Noiir, produced by Alexander Tribe, this ferocious and forthright alternative hip-hop number fuses head-bopping trap beats with a deep, driving bassline that perfectly complements the gritty and unfiltered lyricism present throughout the track.

Charlie Noiir – Reasons

Based on the idea of standing for something or dying for nothing, ‘REASONS’ is a call to arms for everybody out there to stick to their principles and live by a code of honour, something which Charlie Noiir believes is gravely lacking from his generation. 

“This music is therapy for me but along the way I found out how to get shit off my chest but do it with extraordinary songwriting. I take pride in that… If anything I hope the record gives people confidence, hell even a slight arrogance like yeah this is me, I ain’t backing down, I’m coming for mine. Everyone gotta have that energy and attack each day with it but also have fun cause life is short and we back outside…”

Released just in time for the reopening of the outside world, ‘REASONS’ embodies the self-assured, vibrant magnetism that Charlie is known and loved for. From the direct piece-to-camera shots in the Tyler Roussel directed music video to the chest-thumping braggadocio ever-present in the lyrics, ‘REASONS’ is Charlie Noiir at his most honest and unfiltered. 

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Words Daisy Lipsey