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Jennifer Alvarado Blames ‘Colorado’

Jennifer Alvarado Colorado single review on Right Chord Music Blog

Discover Jennifer Alvarado’s assured country heartbreak track Colorado

Jennifer Alvarado – ‘Colorado’

You might associate Colorado with mountains, canyons and maybe even gold-mining if you’re a history buff, but it’s a different Colorado we visit in this track. On Jennifer Alvarado’s track, it’s the site of a doomed road trip that ends in heartbreak, with a memorable chorus that will have you singing along ‘Damn you, Colorado’. (It’s nothing personal, Colorado, I’m sure you’re great.)

Jennifer Alvarado is a singer-songwriter who splits her time between North Carolina and Nashville. Her work has already gained her awards nods and an impressive amount of streams.

‘Colorado’ is a well-crafted mid-tempo country ballad that echoes the pain of nostalgia and lost love.

‘Were we high from the smoke or the altitude?’ begins Alvarado, her striking lyrics setting the mountain scene. Evocative ines like ‘him kissing me in my sorority t-shirt’ and ‘that July sky was the only other one that knew’ provide memorable details of the past relationship, and it hits when instantly catchy chorus reveals ‘ten miles south of Boulder, he told me it was over’. Alvarado’s vocals are rich and delivered with clear experience, and her melodies are simple yet thoughtful. 

The production centres around some wistful country guitar, beginning with light percussion before heavier beats and a chugging bass kick in. Fans of Americana and classic country songstresses like Carrie Underwood will find something to enjoy here, or anyone looking for a cathartic breakup track. Listeners can also look out for her upcoming Christmas EP, titled ‘Christmas in Carolina’. 

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Words Eden Tredwell