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Ones To Watch wht.rbbt.obj Share Debut EP ‘Whiskey Hotel Tango’

Wht.rbbt.obj Whiskey Hotel Tango EP review on Right Chord Music

Former Right Chord Music First Signs of Love featured band wht.rbbt.obj return with the launch of their eagerly awaited debut EP Whiskey Hotel Tango and it positively smoulders with late-night indie-blues cool.

Introducing wht.rbbt.obj

Bluesy, smoky, sexy, and raw. wht.rbbt.obj (“White Rabbit Object”) is a “femme fatale” fronted, guitar-driven alternative rock outfit from Chicago, Illinois. The band started as a secret side project for a married couple, Frank & River Rabbitte, but has since grown into a four-piece musical tour de force.

Whiskey Hotel Tango

After a year on the road playing festivals including SXSW and Summerfest and supporting bands including Eve6 and MoonWalker wht.rbbt.obj announce the launch of their debut EP titled “Whiskey Hotel Tango.” This EP marks a significant milestone in the band’s artistic journey and will be the first in a trilogy of EPs which promise to showcase the band’s diverse musical influences.

This EP explores the band’s alternative, blues and neo-soul roots. The EP begins with the epic ‘Love On Hold’ which sounds like the dirty blues soul sister of Amy Winehouse and The Commitments.

‘No Rainbows In Indiana’ has a slightly darker Black Keys vibe about it. It simmers and stews with its dizzying whirl of guitars and smokey vocals. It’s a stunning track that stays in your head and deserves it’s place on your next playlist.

‘Give It To Me’ is a passionate request for affection while ‘Queens Gambit’ is their playful revenge anthem, remember “You’re just a pawn on my chessboard”.

The final track ‘Keep You Like A Secret (Tidal Wave)’ takes it down a notch. This is a late-night ode to love, replete with atmospheric Hammond organ, piano and those to-die-for vocals. It’s just gorgeous. When River exclaims she’s fallin’ for you, you really want it to be about you.

This is a captivating debut EP release and it’s easy to see why wht.rbbt.obj have already won prestigious songwriting and performance awards. We can’t wait to hear what comes next. 2024 really could be the year of the Rabbit!

“wht.rbbt.obj will raise the hairs on your neck with their darkly, seductive blues rock”

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