Issermann delves deeper into the complex emotions of  Demons with 5 mini-videos.

With a hard-hitting debut album under his belt, Issermann delves deeper into the complex emotions of  Demons with 5 mini-videos.

Issermann – Demons

The London-based artist’s unique sound on his debut comes from his diverse musical background. Originally finding his voice as a metal singer, Issermann went on to produce hip-hop and Alt-pop in collaborations with other artists before crafting Demons into a sound he refers to as Rock 2.0. Despite only in the first year of the project, Isserman has managed to already cement a loyal fanbase. 

Empty Skies

“The flaming sword has been a metaphor for gods power and will on earth in many myths and legends” says Issermann when describing his first symbolic video for Empty Skies. The emotional acoustic carries some complex lyrics as Isserman cries for faith, wanting something to help him fill the void after suffering loss.

My Fault

Issermann’s ability to effortlessly articulate his individual life experiences can also be heard on My Fault. “It’s about my dad who made his addiction into my loss”, as he battles his demons in his song the rock 2.0 artist has creatively visualised the lyrics of the song. In this thrilling mini-video we follow a vampire around the streets of London seeing glimpses of the creature through CCTV and Inferred footage.      

Following the first video out on the 20th of April, the mini video series will run over 5 weeks with one new addition each week displaying more of Issermann’s experimental ways to tell his story. Watch more on his YouTube channel.

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Words Daisy Lipsey