Ina Shai Puts Her Spin On Adele’s ‘Oh My God’

London based, Slovenian singer-songwriter Ina Shai takes on pop giant Adele with her live performance of “Oh My God”, and she does not disappoint.

Ina Shai – Oh My God (Adele Cover)

Ina’s performance brings focus on instruments such as piano, guitar, and drums which brings a live acoustic feeling compared to the original studio production. You can hear a strong influence of R&B in Ina’s vocal performance and in the arrangement. The instruments do a great job at laying a foundation and giving Ina a lot of room to play with her vocal melodies. She takes Adele’s powerhouse song to a whole new level with her sultry voice and soaring vocal ad-libs.

Recorded live at Konk Studios, Ina shows herself as a performer in the accompanying video. Not only does her voice captivate listeners but she and her band give her audience an attention-grabbing performance.

This is not Ina’s first time covering a popular artist. She has performed vocals on a collaboration cover with producer Vladish of “Starboy” by The Weekend, which has successfully reached close to a million Spotify streams. She has also fearlessly participated in Slovenia’s Eurovision National Selection. Ina Shai’s original music is a spicy mix of R&B, Soul, and Pop. Her debut EP “Overload” landed her the slot of “artist of the week” on BBC Radio London.

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Words Devin Renee