Hypnotic, honest and utterly beautiful – Ina Shai unveils ‘What Is’

Vocalist, songwriter and Slovenian songstress Ina Shai has returned to the airwaves after a brief hiatus with a new single and video ‘What Is’. Since 2016 she has consistently played shows and released music, and now, she’s back with a fresh new soul inducing single, alongside a beautifully immersive video. 

Ina Shai – What Is

On this RnB laden slow jam, Ina’s pristine and heartfelt vocal performance shines through whilst her voice partners perfectly with close, long term producer and composer Milo. The song, like Ina herself, is gorgeous and escapes many of the sometimes-shallow trappings of electronica ‘What Is’, is incredibly moving as it tackles the subject of mature love in a classic and effortless way. Ina details her emotions beautifully as each note connects her directly to her listeners. 

We look forward to hearing more from Ina Shai throughout the rest of the year.

The song ‘What Is’ was inspired by a deep, one-of-a-kind soulmate love. It talks about the beauty and intricacy of love as it leaves us wondering: »how do we know this is the real thing«? I think that showing love to yourself is the most important thing as only then we can truly love everyone around Us.” – Ina Shai

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Words Daisy Lipsey