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The Daydream Club Put A Fresh Spin On Sam Cooke

The Daydream Club Somebody's Gonna Miss Me, Sam Cooke Cover on Right Chord Music

Leicester duo The Daydream Club have put their unique spin on the little-known Sam Cooke track ‘Somebody’s Gonna Miss Me’ and you need to hear it.

Sam Cooke – Somebody’s Gonna Miss Me

Sam Cooke is known and recognised as one of the most influential soul artists of all time, earning him the nickname The King of Soul. He is best known for hits including What A Wonderful World, A Change Is Gonna Come and Bring It On Home.

During his tragically short 8-year career, Cooke released 29 singles that charted in the Billboard Top 40 Charts, and 20 that charted in the Top 10. In 1964 he was shot and killed by the manager of a motel in Los Angeles. After his death, an inquest and investigation ruled his death was a justifiable homicide.

Cooke is included on Billboard’s list of the 35 greatest R&B artists of all time. Two years before he died in 1962 he released the album Twistin’ The Night Away which contained the single of the same name. The single peaked at number one on the R&B chart and number 6 on the UK singles chart. The song was recorded with the infamous Wrecking Crew as session musicians.

Track 4 on this album was a little-known track ‘Somebody’s Gonna Miss Me’ an upbeat number complete with trumpets, a honky tonk style piano and Cooke’s trademark soul yearnings.

The Daydream Club – Somebody’s Gonna Miss Me

Fast forward to 2024, and Leicester duo The Daydream Club has chosen to rework this little-known track to make it their own.

Their version is rooted in their trademark boy-and-girl harmonies, which sound sublime paired with their stripped-back, acoustic arrangement. Paula Pickering’s honeyed vocals hug your ear lobes joyously.

The Daydream Club have transformed Cooke’s big band, club track into an intimate and deeply personal voice note, something you might leave a loved one. The repeating refrain “I know you’re gonna miss me” is as much confidence as insecurity.

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Words Mark Knight