Dom Champ Reminds Us It’s ‘Not All Bad’

‘Not All Bad’ is the first single from Dom Champ’s debut album ‘The Good Side’.  It is upbeat, witty, and charmingly eclectic.

Dom Champ – Not All Bad

Given the wide-ranging influences present on the album, ‘The Good Side’ is an obvious first choice for a single.  Eastbourne’s Champ leans heavily on his rap/hip-hop influences in this track, and the influence of The Streets is immediately obvious, in both sound and subject matter.

Dom Champ has been involved in music most of his life, learning piano from a young age, and writing raps since the age of 16.  This life-long ability has resulted in a track that is slick, showcasing Champ’s talent as both musician and rapper.  The quality of the production is even more impressive given that the single, and indeed whole album, is entirely self-produced.

Melodic keyboard lines, drums, and percussion loop underneath the song, with the spoken word understandably the focal point.  Samples are used to great effect, not only adding musical intrigue to the track but also emphasising the song’s story.  The music provides the perfect backdrop to the words which seamlessly flow, managing to be entertaining and uplifting whilst maintaining a darker undertone:

Sometimes we’re happy, sometimes we’re sad, but it’s not all bad’

The song seeks to find positivity in what has been a dark time for most, finding the small pleasures in day to day life, and remembering that despite the highs and lows, things are okay.  The importance of human connections is emphasised:

‘I’m good now, I’ve got the gang around me, guess I forgot how much love surrounds me’.

Accompanied by a beautifully shot film clip, if perhaps a little tongue in cheek, ‘Not All Bad’ is out now.  Album ‘The Good Side’ has already been released digitally, as well as on CD.  Follow Dom Champ on Facebook, Instagram, and listen to ‘Not All Bad’, and the full album ‘The Good Side’ on Spotify and Apple Music.  Watch out for Right Chord Music’s review of the full album soon.

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Words Nicholas Cheek