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Heavy Lighta Gives You A Good Night On ‘Shake A Block’

Heavy Lighta Shake A Block - Right Chord Music Review

Heavy Lighta ‘Shake A Block (ft. 7xvethegenius) Reggae and Rap sensibilities meet Grunge.

Heavy Lighta – ‘Shake A Block (ft. 7xvethegenius)

Could reggae, rap, hip-hop, punk, grunge and jazz influences all exist on one track? They may seem like a diverse and disparate group of references, but artists growing up in the internet age have access to more music and genres than ever before, and their releases reflect that – genre is increasingly murky, or dead even. And Heavy Lighta proves there’s potential for any mix of genres to create something fresh and appealing. 

Heavy Lighta is an artist with links to Germany and the Caribbean – formerly known as Lighta Soundboy, this change seems to mark a rebranding and shift in genre.

‘Shake A Block’ is a feel-good genre-bending track with a swirl of influences that somehow combine to create something infectious, and is topped off by a guest verse from rapper 7xvethegenius.

The lyrics tread familiar the hip-hop territory of confidence, bravado and having a good time – ‘I got passion for the game’, sings Heavy Lighta with ease, and the chorus hook of ‘Feeling alright, I’ll make it great for you tonight’ isn’t hard to catch on to. There are influences of reggae in the laid-back melodies and vocal delivery. 7xvethegenius also provides a nice contrast in her verse, coming in with charisma and confidence, stating ‘you knew I was gonna shine, well now’s the time’. 

The production shouldn’t work, but it does – a grungey bassline and guitars that come straight from 90s/2000s pop-punk, along with jangling piano riffs that lean into the jazzy, and alarm-warning synths. Pulled together by a strong, shuffling beat, it’s a strange but infectious groove to catch on to, and something a little out of the ordinary. 

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Words Eden Tredwell