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Lillian Leadbetter Sings Sweet Melodies To ‘Sophia’

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Lillian Leadbetter’s latest indie folk release ‘Sophia’ combines picturesque lyrics, serene melodies, and dreamy vocals.

Lillian Leadbetter ‘Sophia’

Showcasing elegance and honey-sweet vocals, Vermont and Nashville-based Lillian Leadbetter is a name to watch. The songwriter’s talent spreads across folk, indie, country and pop genres, with her dreamy and uplifting perspective shining through her lyrics and sound.

Lillian’s latest release ‘Sophia’ is the first single off her upcoming album, and is a heartwarming track surrounding friendship. Described as “romantic indie folk”, there is no better way to explain the impression ‘Sophia’ leaves.

‘Sophia’ begins with a soft melodic plucking of the acoustic guitar creating a candid and stripped-back sound which beautifully crafts a romantic tone. This slow and raw melody continues throughout the majority of the track, showcasing that an emotive and powerful track doesn’t need to be energetic glamour. Lillian’s heavenly vocals emphasise the romantic indie folk vibe especially when combined with the vivid and image-filled lyrics. 

Of the track, Lillian says: “I wrote ‘Sophia’ when I realized I had forgotten to mail one of my best friends a birthday present. She was living abroad at the time and I figured that the only thing that would make it to Paris overnight was a song.”

The image-inspiring and story-driven narrative of the lyrics hones in on the setting of Paris, making ‘Sophia’ feel all the more from the heart. The mixing is effective, with the soft and subtle backing vocals giving the track an extra lift. 

‘Sophia’ is a charming, graceful and sweet track, complemented by Lillian’s angelic vocals 

The latter half features a beautifully crafted instrumental segment complete with brass to create a dreamy and peaceful atmosphere. ‘Sophia’ is the perfect track if you’re looking for some blissful indie folk to sink your teeth into. The lyrics being about friendship is something not nearly seen enough, so is ideal if you’re looking for a narrative that’s out of the ordinary. 

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Words Holly Hammond