Monday, March 4, 2024
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God From The Machine Shares ‘Somebody Lost’

After a one-year hiatus God From The Machine have returned with the introspective song Somebody Lost. God From The Machine - Somebody Lost Often described as...

Sector 5 Counter Toxic With Dreamy On New Single ‘Hazy’

“Hazy” by Sector 5: is a mosaic of pop, rock and hip-hop. Sector 5 - Hazy An emerging quartet from Berlin, Sector 5 combine pop structures...

Vince Chinaski Tackles Parenthood Challenges On ‘Eat Your Peas!’

Vince Chinaski is an Italian-born singer and songwriter currently based in Copenhagen, Denmark. Incorporating folk, jazz, new wave and punk rock into his imaginative...

Pre-Save, Money Making Trick? Or Valuable Music Marketing Tool?

Is the Pre-Save just another money-making trick or is it a valuable marketing tool for unsigned artists? We take a critical look at the...