Lissy Taylor ‘Mind’s A Riot’ Get Sucked In!

Dive into Lissy Taylor’s joyfully chaotic indie rock track.

Lissy Taylor – ‘Mind’s A Riot’  

“I’m a hundred miles an hour…” begins Lissy Taylor’s ‘Mind’s A Riot’, the frenetic energy matching the lyrics. The vision of the track seems to be to pull you into Lissy’s chaotic mind, and give you the experience of living inside a frantic head – and it succeeds, so hold on tight!

Lissy Taylor, a Right Chord Music favourite is a British singer-songwriter hailing from Stoke, with a love for the Northern music scene. Her tracks have gained her notice from Clash and Radio 1, and she recently found herself recording at Abbey Road Studios.

‘Mind’s A Riot’ is a pumping indie rock track that taps into the overwhelming nature of life, and is perfect for the gig dancefloor.

Taylor’s lyrics depict an apocalyptic riot inside her head with striking imagery of ‘riot gear falling apart’ and ‘tear gas making me cry’. There’s a hint of self-frustration as she adds ‘Why can’t I just let myself be?’, then lets loose on the instantly memorable chorus, ‘My mind’s a riot, no such thing as peace and quiet’. The melodies are strongly crafted and sing-along-able, and delivered in Taylor’s raw, quirky vocals. 

The production centres around furious guitars, momentous bass and crashing drums, though there’s also some hints of garage beats which adds a nice twist. There’s some massively hooky backing vocal ‘woo woos’, and it all stops short at just under 3 minutes, leaving you wanting more. It’s a track with great live potential, and fans of acts like Jade Bird, Joan Jett and the Kaiser Chiefs should find something to enjoy here. 

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Words Eden Tredwell