GLYTSH Shatter Myths On New Single ‘HOAX’

Right Chord Music favourites GLYTSH return on a mission with HOAX, a track that comes with a serious health warning.


It would be easy to think that Glytsh are all about rock n roll excess. You would be wrong, their new single Hoax serves as a passionate public health warning against the misuse of drugs. Hoax sets out to shatter the illusion drugs are a creative inspiration and highlight their detrimental impact on creativity and personal well-being. It’s a positive and rather wholesome reminder to prioritise a lifestyle free from drugs, alcohol and other harmful addictions.

Hoax comes out the gate like a runaway train, hitting a point of exhaustion before going again. The intro sounds like the outro with a crashing crescendo that hooks you within seconds of the start. Also, listen out for a playful studio bottom slap between Genoud and Diehl that kicks everything off.

By the time Jennifer Diehl roars “Get off my face and Get on the ground” we’re at her mercy. This is an impassioned and empowering call to arms. For an anti-drug song is it wrong to claim we’re addicted?

If you are a fan of Ashnikko, Poppy, YONAKA, Nine Inch Nails, Bad Omens, Deftones, Linkin Park & FEVER 333 the chances are you will find something to love here.

Discover the lyrics to Hoax by Glytsh

“Keep my feet on the ground I need some inspiration To turn my life around. And stay away from all addictions Falling down knees on the ground, It’s coming With no face and no trace pushing the blade in my back. Get off my face Get on the ground Get down Quiet the sins oh I fade Diluting our lies And I step on the scene where the bodies are dropping Feel it’s cutting through my fears where the dreams are falling So listen up I’m about to drop it … fuck! With no face and no trace pushing the blade in my back Get off my face Get on the ground Get down Quiet the sins oh I fade Diluting our lies Soaring high Dissolving your mind Leaving yourself behind Soaring high Reaching new heights Leaving yourself behind”

About Glytsh

Comprised of French singer Jennifer Diehl and Swiss guitarist Claire Genoud, Glytsh has rapidly ascended in the London music scene. With several years of touring experience, the duo combine their love for metal music with a passion for dark and haunting sonic soundscapes and visuals.

Within just four months of their formation, Glytsh achieved a significant milestone, selling out their debut show in a 150-capacity room in London. They also embarked on their first UK tour, opening for the NYC-based band Brass Against in prestigious venues such as O2 Academy Manchester and London Electric Brixton.

On a mission

Glytsh’s mission is to make the metal/alternative scene a more welcoming, inclusive and safe place for aspiring musicians and music fans in general, regardless of their gender identity, age or sexual orientation.

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Words Mark Knight