Izzy T Breathes New Life Into Miley Cyrus’ Midnight Sky

Midnight Sky by Miley Cyrus is given a rock makeover by a power team of female musicians from around the globe.

What did you do in lockdown?

In a few years, when we look back on the Pandemic period, people will inevitably ask… what did you do in lockdown? I wonder how many of us can say hand on heart that we used the time wisely or productively?

At a time when horizons have been narrowed and borders shut, a group of female musicians have embarked on the most thrilling of international collaborations. The girls have formed to give current pop anthem ‘Midnight Sky’ by Miley Cyrus the gutsy rock makeover it never knew it needed.

Meet the international super group

Vocals (Britain) Izzy T is an alternative solo artist based in London, originally from Hull. She will be releasing new single ‘Nuclear’ next month. On drums we have 17 year old american Brooke Colucci (Plush) whose prodigious talent has helped her amass a YouTube and Instagram following of over 400K. Bass (Italy) Alice Lane of Killin Baudelaire. As one one of the biggest female fronted rock bands to come out of Italy, their latest video has already racked up 66k views on YouTube. Guitar (Switzerland) Claire Genoud the guitarist for Europe’s biggest all-female AC/DC tribute band “BACK:N:BLACK”, along with her own solo project.

Midnight Sky

The art of a great cover version is bringing something new and unexpected to the table. When you listen to the original Miley’s deep vocals hint at rock, but the arrangement takes the song in a different direction. Midnight Sky becomes a high energy 80s inspired pop track.  The girls have taken this song and given the vocals and the essence of this song the guts it deserves. Midnight Sky is a song about female empowerment, and now it has its power.

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Words Mark Knight