Glytsh Thrill With (Hard)core Memory

Alternative pop-rock sensation Glytsh have just shared the bewildering single (Hard)core Memory.

Glytsh – (Hard)core Memory

The duo is formed by seasoned musicians Jennifer Diehl (aka Luna Blake) and swiss guitarist Claire Genoud (aka Hella Sin), who met while touring with a cover band and decided to write music together.   

Glytsh’s sound tries to combine Diehl and Genoud’s passions for pole dancing and hard music, and there couldn’t be a better description.

As soon as you press play, Hard(core) Memory sounds like a bonus track from Arctic Monkey’s Made in the AM. The alluring vocals pierce through like a siren’s chant, accentuated by the stripped-down arrangement, that features a gritty bass riff and hypnotic synths. 

When you’re ready for an anthemic alt-pop chorus, Glytsh surprise with a (hard)core detour, going heavy on guitars and screaming as if we entered a different dimension. The dualism of this song is what makes it powerful. (Hard)core Memory is bound to become a guilty pleasure song that you can’t really get away from.

(Hard)core Memory is Glytsh’s second single, following a rework of Nine Inch Nail’s Closer, but their sonic legacy is already clear and ready to conquer the listener’s years. If Arctic Monkeys and Alice Glass had a love child, that would be Glytsh.

If you’re looking for a power kick in the morning or before going out, this song is for you!

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Words Anna Colombo