Bittersweet nostalgia of Georgia Crandon’s ‘Until We Meet Again’

It’s a smart choice to name a song ‘Until We Meet Again’ after a global pandemic – it’s a sentiment shared by so many worldwide, as we were separated from family, lovers and friends, and in the worst cases, lost them to the virus.

Georgia Crandon – Until We Meet Again

Though written in 2019, Until We Meet Again is a song that has only become more relevant for artist Georgia Crandon, particularly when she performed it for a friend and NHS worker who would then pass away in late 2020. The experience inspired Georgia Crandon to shake up her solo project, and thus the song was born again as her latest single.

Georgia Crandon is a singer-songwiter, formerly going by the moniker Georgia & The Vintage Youth. Plans for international tours were scuppered by the pandemic, but she’s back with a whole new direction.

‘Until We Meet Again’ is a deeply charming ode to love in absence, soaked in nostalgia and retro vibes.

The lyrics balance age-old sentiments – ‘It’s getting late, love, I have to go’ with quirky imagery – ‘In the corner of my mind, there’s a pocket with your name inside’ – all delivered with classic, chromatic, jazz-influenced melodies. Crandon’s vocals also carry that lovely retro vibrato, with echoes of Ella Fitzgerald as well as modern singers like Paloma Faith.

The production keeps up the classic swing with a chugging guitar and a honky-tonk-esque keys. There’s a dissonant and distant reverb to it all as if hearing the song from an old wireless radio, which fits in well with the whole theme. It’s a tightly written track enjoyable in itself but would also slot perfectly into adverts or film. Anyone looking for a little nostalgic charm should listen immediately.

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Words Eden Tredwell