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Ikkyu Takes Us To His Happy Place On Forever Beach

Ikkyu On Forever Beach

Emitting the light of a psychedelic and garage sound with elements of dream-pop, Ikkyu captures feelings of euphoria, nostalgia and a touch of sadness on his album ‘On Forever Beach.

Ikkyu – On Forever Beach

How long is it since you have opened your old photo albums? Some people like to browse and scroll through them quite often, reminding themselves again and again of the sunny and carefree days of the past. People enjoy feeling nostalgia, people dream, hope for a better future, make plans with smiles on their faces… you know, like in advertisements – everything is optimistic with us, and you will too, now buy our soft, delicate and beautiful toilet paper. Each one of us has such a corner where we come to put our joys, and Ikkyu decided to share his with us.

Combining psychedelia, garage sound, minimalism and optimistic dream-pop, Ikkyu draws before us the days of summer holidays, childhood memories and nostalgic outbursts dear to every adult heart. You know, those days when you were racing down the street on your bike, and your neighbour’s angry huge dog was chasing you, trying to bite off your leg or puncture a tire on a wheel with its fangs. Sometimes the songs are lazy and kindly drawn out, sometimes they are cheerful and springy – like a diary from your bedside table in your room, in which days of happiness and joy were replaced by melancholy. 

At the same time, the musical part of the album is quite uncomplicated – thin and clean guitars, the same minimalistic and electrified drums, high bass and enveloping synthesizers. However, altogether it creates a unique and vibrant mix, very accurately falling into the feeling and atmosphere of nostalgia for childhood. Lyrically, the album is mysterious, but at the same time, it is no less attractive. The lyrics in the songs refer us to more unconscious images or dream situations that appear in the head of the protagonist, related to his memories and thoughts from the present time. Here is a place of love, grief, tragedy, and a dystopian future, all together in an indescribable mixture, full of catchiness and confusion.

On Forever Beach – very bright, but at the same time very foggy work, illuminated by the sun’s rays, carefully woven from modest and so dear to every human heart memories. This is definitely one of those albums that you need to turn to for help and they will not refuse you because of their good nature and to some extent childish naivety. Therefore, use his sincerity wisely, but also do not forget to open your photo albums regularly.

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Words Otis Cohan Mone